A Final Note For 2020 and a Heartfelt Thank you.

Wow! What - A - Year! 

I want to firstly thank each and everyone of you for the support Bubba Foodz has received thus far. After announcing our concept and officially launching our website and service in September 2020 I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback, the recurring orders and the overall support that this business has received so far. 

The bottom line is, we are a small business, a local business and without the orders, the social media follows, the testimonials and the word of mouth we could not run our business as successfully as we have in such a short period of time. 

The mission stays the same, I want Bubba Foodz to be a service that provides truly nourishing and purposeful meals to the little tummy's that they fill. I want to provide convenience, piece of mind to parents and guardians so that they know that with each mouthful their littlest love is taking of that meal or snack, it is contributing in a positive way to that child's development, each ingredient we use has a purpose. 

As many of you know all of our meals are Nutritionist approved by our wonderful expert Nutritionist Lucy, of @lucystewartnutrition. It has been beyond a pleasure to be working alongside Lucy to grow Bubba Foodz menu and to bring healthy and beneficial meals and snacks to your babies and toddlers. 

Lucy is a qualified Paediatric Nutritionist and Recipe Developer (among many other talents!) and it is with her help that we have been able to bring amazing and tasty meals and snacks to our menu that all hold a true purpose. I can say with confidence that the research is backed when it comes to the choice of our ingredients within our meals and snacks, we ensure this, so that you don't have to. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Lucy in the new year.

I am SO excited to announce the much anticipated launch of our new and expanded delivery locations for Bubba Foodz commencing in 2021.

This has been a big job for me to organise but it has also been a very important one. Whilst we navigate our new partnership with our new delivery company in the new year I thank you in advance. I hope we wont, but it is inevitable that we will have some 'teething' issues to begin with as we introduce this new part of our service, and so for this, in advance, I thank you for your patience and understanding. 

We will also have newly added meals and snacks to our menu that we will continue to roll out throughout the year 2021 - Always exciting! These will be shared via our social media as we introduce them so be sure to follow us on both Instagram and Facebook

As the end of the year 2020 fast approaches Bubba Foodz Service will take a short break. Our final deliveries will be made on Tuesday 22nd December 2020 and pick back up 12th January 2021. We will announce the re opening of the website and newly added delivery locations once finalised and ready, via our socials. From there, orders can commence.  

Finally a big thank you to not only each and every person than has assisted with the growth of such a new business, (during a pandemic - may I add) , but to our suppliers, our amazing Kitchen Team, to the many people who have given me advice and guidance along the way, to our wonderful women who have contributed to our monthly informative blog posts and to also my family, for your love and for your support and for your understanding - Especially to my amazing Fiance and to our darling Sonny, our beautiful Son, I thank you the most. This business has taken my time and attention away from you at times however you have also been the source of my inspiration and the driving force behind my determination and passion, for that I am eternally grateful, thank you my darling. 

As the year ends I wish you all nothing but joy and happiness. Whilst we may not be travelling the world this year, enjoying weddings or mojitos on a tropical island somewhere, at least we have one another, and if this year along with the few others in the past has taught me anything it's how lucky we are to do so - To have one another.  

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very safe, happy and joyous New Year.

I am so excited to re join you in 2021. 

Brooke x


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