My Top Three Pilates Moves For Your Core by Laura Owner of @unwindpilatesstudio

Hey there, I’m Laura from Unwind Pilates Studio, an in person (Whitebridge, NSW) and online studio for women who want to feel strong and energised in their own body. Pilates kept me strong yet supple throughout both of my pregnancies and has helped me to recover from a prolapse as well (yes, I am one of those people that shares TMI in the hopes that it will start an important conversation).


I am a long time devotee of Pilates and now love teaching mums of all stages. All women, with a little bit of work, can strengthen their pelvic floors, cores, butts and shoulders and feel great regardless of where they start. 

Today I’m going to share my top three pilates moves to build core strength after you’ve had kids. You can start doing number 1 and 2 very early after having a baby. Exercise number 3 is for a short time down the track once some healing has occurred and you are ready for the next challenge.

1. Pelvic Floor Lifts and Relaxes

Sometimes called Kegels these pelvic floor exercises will become your best friend after having a baby. Regardless of your birth, the pelvic floor has to work very hard during pregnancy and often needs a little bit of TLC afterwards. I always recommend a visit to a women’s health physio a few months after birth just to make sure all is working well and that you know how to engage properly. Begin with a close and lift (of your vagina and anus) on an exhale and a complete relax as you inhale. Once this is easy, progress to holding the lift and hold for more time.


2. Abdominal Lifts in 4 Point Kneeling Position

Aim to have your wrists under your shoulder and your knees under your hips, inhale and allow gravity to draw your internal organs downwards. Exhale to lift your whole front abdominal wall upwards


3. Knee Hovers in 4 Point Kneeling Position

Start as above but this time, when you engage the draw the abdominals upwards, lift your knees off of the floor just an inch. Hold for a count of three and then lower with control. Your back should stay straight the whole time


I hope these help you to build strength slowly. Share with your mum friends and support one another.


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