A curated list of FAQ by Y-O-U!

We've accumulated a list of great questions we have been asked along our journey and placed the answers in one easy place!

We'll continue to keep adding the answers to your popular questions as they come in and leave them right here! 


+ How long do my meals last in the fridge? 

Upto 3 days. We recommend storing your meals in the freezer once delivered, and placing them in the fridge the night before to defrost for the next day, as you use them however if you wish to store your meals in the fridge, they will be good for up to 3 days from delivery provided they are stored at a recommended 5C Fridge temperature. 


+ How long do my meals last in the freezer? 

Up to 2-3 Months. Our Best Before dates will also read 2 months from their cook date. Whilst its best to follow our Best Before, your meals are safe if stored in the freezer at the correct temperature of -18C - -20C for upto 2-3 months. 


+ How are my meals delivered to my door? 

All meals are packed into a food safe thermal bag to help protect and cool. We then place food grade gel packs inside the thermal bag and then box up tight allowing for your meals to stay cool for up to 6+hours, provided your box is left in a safe, undercover shaded area where possible. 

Our drivers will also pick the best place we can in order to keep your delivery cold and fresh until you place them back into the freezer. 


+ Do I have to be home for my Bubba Foodz to be delivered? 

Not at all! Our delivery window is between 4pm - 9pm and we will leave your Bubba Foodz order at your front door. No contact and No door knocking required. 


+ When will you start delivering to other locations? 

Right now, we deliver to select suburbs within Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. 

(see here for our exact delivery locations) 

We have plans to expand our delivery locations!

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